Upcoming Events

Symposium of Yoga Therapy & Research, March 2008

Upcoming Mental Health Workshops & Seminars in Vancouver, BC

Professional Development for Health Care Practitioners


Waking Up The West Coast: Healers & Visionaries - Danielle is featured in this book along with 118 other businesses and entrepreneurs

Amy Weintraub’s book and website: “Yoga for Depression”

Louise Hay: “You Can Heal Your Life”

Peter Levine, PhD: “Waking The Tiger: Healing from Trauma" (great book that explains the causes and symptoms of trauma)

Ken Dychtwald: “Bodymind”

Martha Davis, PhD, Elizabeth Robbins, MSW, Matthew McKay, PhD: “The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook"

Yoga Therapy Related

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

International Association of Yoga Therapists

Yoga Studios in Vancouver, BC

Flow Yoga Studio

Semperviva Yoga Studio

Find a yoga class in Vancouver

Health Related

Acubalance Wellness Centre Ltd. – Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture specializing in Reproductive Health & Infertility

Vitality Clinic – chiropractic, massage and naturopathy

Inspire Health – Integrated Cancer Care (formerly called The Centre for Integrated Healing)

Dr. Debra Gibson, L.AC, DTCM. – Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture specializing in pain control, gynecology, addiction control and immune and allergy disorders with an emphasis on preventative health care

Thrive Wellness Centre– chiropractic and massage in False Creek

Useful guide to less toxic personal and household products

Fitness Training and Personal Training


All photographs on my website were taken by Michael O’Shea

Yoga Journal (a great resource for everything yoga)







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